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How Watching Porn Can actually help your relationship?


Porn has always had a bad connotation in society. Religious groups oppose it vehemently and keep putting bad ideas into people’s head about porn. To some extent, it is true that porn, when used excessively, is bad for anyone. But is there a good way of using porn?


We will discuss the possibilities in this article.

Porn can give rise to unrealistic expectations, especially in impressible teenage boys. As the boys grow into adulthood and do not have a sexual relationship with women, they may increase their dependence on porn for arousal. This dependency could give rise to other problems in the future including, premature ejaculation, loss of sensation due to excessive masturbation, etc.
But there is nothing wrong with it if it is used once in a while for entertainment. In fact, there are some excellent ways you can use porn to improve your relationship.
Most people believe only single men and women watch porn. While it is true, there is also a growing trend of couples watching porn together and it is a good thing.

When a couple lives together for a few years, things can get pretty boring at times. The romance dies out slowly and the initial excitement is lost from the relationship.
But there is a good way and a bad way for a couple to watch porn. If each partner watches it on their own to get arousal, it may very well spell the end of the relationship. Because it may lead to shaming each other, losing interest in each other, etc.
However, if they watch it together, it may make things a lot more interesting for them. Watching porn together could build a new level of intimacy and open up another chance at rekindling the interest in each other.

Here are some of the
benefits of watching porn together
with your partner.

Discover fantasies: Admit it; we all have sexual fantasies. Porn can be a good way to explore those fantasies before you try them in our own bedroom. If you are shy to open up about them, how about just showing your partner a video on that? If they are half smart, they will make the connection.
Easy Foreplay: Some people have trouble with foreplay. Porn can help stimulate and sexually arouse them into foreplay. Watching a couple video could also help them reconnect with each other. If your girlfriend or wife is not in the mood for some action, try sticking in a steamy video before you make a move.

Helps Monogamy: When you can play out your fantasies at home, the urge to find pleasure outside subsides. And it becomes easy to stay monogamous. And when you can enjoy watching a woman, with your woman, it may even give a chance to explore a possibility of having a threesome in the future. That hope can bring a lot of fun into a relationship.
In this way, we can use Porn to bring more intimacy into a relationship.

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